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Industrial Metal Detectors
Ideal for Food, Pharmaceutical, Beverage, Dairy, Chemical, Rubber, Tobacco, Personal Care, Textile Industries, etc.
Conveyor Based Metal Detectors
(MDV Series)
Metal Detector For Products Packed in Foil Packaging
(MDV-F Series)
Twin Head Metal Detectors
(MDV-T Series)
Gravity Feed / Free Flow Metal Detectors
(MSV Series)
Metal Detectors For Tablets and Capsules
(MPV Series)
Designed For Control Of Packaged & Unpackaged Goods
Detecting Theory : Balance Coil & Electromagnetic Induction
HACCP, GMP & FDA Approved
Detects all Ferrous Metal & Non-Ferrous Metal, S.S, etc.
Easy Detecting the Ferrous in Aluminium Foil Package, suitable for secondary safety inspection
Closed Magnetic Loop Detection Head
Detection Adjustment : 1-100 Steps
Strong Stainless Steel Structure (S.S. 304), Mild Steel (Optional)
Advance DSP Technology with Digital Signal Filter
Based on 32 Bit High Speed CPU
Improved Product “Self-Learning” Functions
Multi Function Operating System
Graphical with Touch Screen Display
Built-in Power Stabilizer
100 Products Preset; Easy to Edit & Recall
Data Storage & Data Printout ready
1000 Detection Logs
RS-232 (Standard), USB & Ethernet Interface (Optional)
Easy Integration in Existing Production Lines
Adjustable Belt Speed
Belt Speed : 32 m/min. (50Hz), 40 m/min. (60Hz) (adjustable)
Buzzer & Lamp Alarming with Rejectors
Reject Systems: Belt Stop, Air Jet, Pusher, Falling Drop