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CheckWeigher with Metal Detector COMBO CMV Series
Series Model CMV 3K
Detection Theory Balanced Coil and Digital Weighing Sensor
Belt Speed 60 m/min
Accuracy (CheckWeigher) ±0.5g
Sensitivity (Metal Detector) Fe 0.5mm, Non-Fe 0.8mm, SS 1.0mm
Weighing Range 10 ~ 3000g
Minimum Scale 0.5g
Reject Systems Pusher Reject / Dual Pusher Reject / Air Jet Reject / Flipper Type Reject
Displays Two Graphical with Touch Screen
Alarm Buzzer and Lamp
Power Supply AC110V/220V 50-60Hz
Rated Output Appr. 300W
Weight Appr 260kg
Dimension 1630mm (L) x 800mm (W) x 750±20mm (H)
Strong Stainless Steel Structure (S.S. 304)
CheckWeighing Theory : Digital Weighing Sensor
Metal Detection Theory : Balanced Coil & Electromagnetic Induction
Advance DSP Technology with Digital Signal Filter
2000 Sorting and 2000 Detection logs with Reports
Data Storage & Data Printout ready
RS-232 Interface
Automatic Weighing Compensation & Zero Tracking
Closed Magnetic Loop Detection Head
Easy ±Tolerance Control (CheckWeigher)
RS-232 Interface >
Improved product “Self-Learning” Function (Metal Detector)
Detects all Ferrous Metal & Non-Ferrous Metal, S.S, etc.
Detection Adjustment : 1-100 Steps
Easy Integration in Existing Production Lines
Adjustable Belt Speed
Anti-Vibration Legs with Height Adjustment
Buzzer & Lamp Alarming with Different Rejectors
Feedback Signaling