Metal Detector
Industrial Metal Detectors are widely used in the Pharmaceutical, Food, Beverage, Textile, Plastics, Chemicals, and Packaging Industries.
During the manufacturing process, there is a possibility of contamination by metal shards from broken processing machinery. VinSyst Metal Detectors detect metal contaminants accidentally present in any product with levels of sensitivity, immunity to interference and response speeds exceeding the strictest Quality Control Standards.
VinSyst is a leading manufacturer of Industrial Metal Detectors and offers a complete range of solutions for inspecting food products, both loose and packed. VinSyst Metal Detectors comply with HACCP, FDA and GMP norms.
VinSyst Metal Detectors are manufactured using two varied technologies:
•  Balanced Coil Technology / ElectroMagnetic Induction Technology
•  Magnetic Induction Technology
VinSyst Metal Detectors allow the interception of Magnetic (Ferrous) and Non-Magnetic (Non-Ferrous) metals, including high-resistivity Stainless Steel. An automatic Phase Angle function cancels out any variation in product effect caused by the product under inspection.
Benefits of VinSyst Metal Detectors:
•  Accurate and reliable metal detection
•  Precise detection, even at maximum throughput
•  Simple to install and use
•  Accommodates quick product changes
•  Suitable for packs made from non-metal materials and metal materials too (aluminum foil)
•  Easy to clean and maintain
Our Metal Detectors incorporates latest technologies including Digital Signal Processing which is based on 32 Bit High Speed CPU with patented 3 Coil Design which ensures Highly Sensitive and Accurate Performance.
Our Machines are equipped with audio/visual alarm and conveyor belt stop rejection systems as standard and can incorporate various rejection systems including drop down, flapper, pusher, air jet or retracting belt.
We provide the following Metal Detectors for various applications -
•  Conveyor based Metal Detectors for Packed and Unpacked Goods widely used in Food, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Spices Industries
•  Conveyor based Metal Detectors for Bulky Cartons and Gunny Bags widely used in Food, Rubber, Chemicals, Spices Industries
•  Conveyor based Metal Detectors for Bottling Plant and Plastic Containers
•  Conveyor based Metal Detectors for detecting Magnetic Metal in Products Packed in Aluminum Foil
•  Conveyor based Twin Head Metal Detectors for Secondary Safety Inspection
•  Conveyor based Metal Detectors for Frozen Foods and High Density Products
•  Free Flow / Gravity Feed Metal Separator for Granules, highly used in Spices, Powder and Chemical Industries
•  Free Flow / Gravity Feed Metal Separator for Tablets and Capsules
•  Conveyor based Needle Detectors widely used in Textile Industries