CheckWeighers are installed on many foods, industrial and pharmaceutical production lines for various quality control purposes.
Automatic CheckWeighers calculate the pack weight accurately and reliably, reject underweight and overweight packs if required and play an important part in helping to meet both internal quality guidelines and legal requirements.
CheckWeighers are used to ensure correct product weight before final packaging or shipping. CheckWeighers are also used to assure compliance with label weight regulations and help to eliminate consumer complaints associated with missing items or low-weight packaging conditions.
A checkweigher is an important part of a quality control program and a means to provide benefits to the company.
VinSyst CheckWeighers are manufactured using two varied technologies:
•  Strain Gauge Technology
•  ElectroMagnetic Force Compensation (EMFC) Technology
VinSyst uses ElectroMagnetic Force Compensation (EMFC) technology which is a patented mono-block design of the company which ensures sustained accuracy over long period of time and minimizes weighing errors caused by changes in temperature and mechanical vibration. The system designed in this technology can be easily connected to plant-wide networks using Ethernet, PLC, or serial connectivity. Once fully integrated, the checkweigher can be used to control upstream processors, correcting filling errors by providing automatic real-time feedback to fillers.
VinSyst CheckWeighers are a global market leader, specifically designed to improve efficiency and achieve 100 % quality targets. We at VinSyst, offer complete customer satisfaction and allow you to concentrate in your business without any worry in terms of achieving the highest quality and accuracy of weight.
VinSyst products are known to perform consistently under tough industrial conditions for years. Our after sales service is prompt and is claimed to be one of the best in the industry.
We provide the following CheckWeighers for various applications -
•  CheckWeighers with High Speed and High Accuracy for Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries
•  CheckWeighers for Small and Medium sized packets for Food, Spices, Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries
•  CheckWeighers for Bulky Cartons and Gunny Bags for Food, Spices and Chemical Industries
•  CheckWeighers for Aerosol Cans, Tins and Bottling Plants
•  Sorting CheckWeighers to automatically sort products as per weight range (6 to 8 different sorting options)