CheckWeigher with Metal Detector COMBO
VinSyst CheckWeigher with Metal Detector COMBO is a combination of both CheckWeigher and Metal Detector thereby ensuring you to have both accurate weight control and the assurance that your product is free of metal contaminates in a single source.
VinSyst COMBO machines are designed to provide a single, cost effective and space-saving unit.
The output signals from the Metal Detector and CheckWeigher operate independent rejects. One rejects metal contaminated products, while the other rejects off weight products. This feature keeps metal contaminated products separate from potentially reusable off weight products.
Benefits of our COMBO Unit:
•  One vendor for both product inspection requirements
•  One service technician to support both inspection devices
•  Reduced number of product transfer points
•  Reduced equipment footprint / line space requirement
•  Reduced cost compared to individual standalone systems
•  Market leading brand names behind both products